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If like me you’re trying to broker the peace in your household by yielding control of the remote in the hour between each World Cup game, you need something to occupy your downtime right? That is where Official England Football comes in. The new release, by start up development team Team Football, is designed to encapsulate the fun and playability of the classic 16 bit pick up and play football games, rather than attempting to become a cinematic masterpiece like many of todays games.

With an official license from the England football team, the game contains all your favourite players (along with those no doubt you love to hate). The commentary is also provided by the legendary John Motson, no confusion over goal line technology from where he’s sitting. Makes a much better between game companion that watching a bunch of fictional characters with no money still manage to spend every day and night in the pub, eat out every meal, and then spend the rest of their time just sleeping with or killing each other.

Its easy to play nature means you’ll also find yourself picking your tablet or phone up at half-time for another sneaky game or 2, rather than listening to Adrian Chiles try and school Patrick Vieira on the beautiful game. Available for iPhone and Windows, well worth a download. An Android version is also due out very soon. Check out a preview of the action below:

You can also keep in touch with all the latest from the game on Twitter or check out their Facebook page here. Keep up with any upcoming developments from the team too, by following Team Football.

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