Disappointing defeat, more the manner than the outcome – player notes


A couple of quick notes/thoughts on the performances of the players last night:

Ederson – good from a possession point of view but frustrating that he never fully extended for either goal. Kudos for the great save from “Nodad” though

Walker – looked more like a 50 pence player than £50 million. Sloppy in possession and offered no real width down the right all game.

Delph – horrendous mistake for the goal and never really recovered. Some sloppy passing again and a few wild speculative shots in attempt to make amends.

Laporte – thought he looked solid again, grown into the team and Pep style of play. Got undone in behind a few times though, needs to be wary of space when pushing forward

Stones – another standard Stones performance, looking confident and assured on the ball but sometimes wasn’t switched on to space in behind

Dinho – not often we say this but he was very poor. Lost ball several times, looked tired and out of sorts a lot of the game. Hopefully the decision not to by a new DM won’t bite us in the ass.

Sterling – ran his heart out and first half was the only one really trying anything. Unlucky to be just offside for the ruled out goal. Didn’t get much service nor have many options.

Bernardo – terrible down the wing. In a game crying out for width he did little to offer it, and slowed down many attacks in the process. Better when moved inside and a tidy finish

Silva – rare out of sorts game for the genius. Usually when we play bad it’s because more than a few players have an off day, and this was one of those occasions. To be fair to him though, the lack of movement into space from others made his job harder

Gündoğan – terrible. Not much else I can say. Had that special CL night against Barca but that was just a distant memory last night. Slow in possession, offered little, and looked like a lesser league player unable to make the step up in that performance

Jesus – appropriate that his name is often associated with the exclamation used against him. Seems to offer lots of movement, dropping deep, making options etc until the final third then puts cement boots on. In the box his movement into space is non existent, and I think sometimes he is looking for the penalty more than the chance to score. Great raw talent but still needs plenty of work and a million miles away from Agüero

Sane – did well when he came on, beating Rafael to create the goal, but then seemed to cut inside every time. Needs to work on his decision making (shades of a young Ronaldo making the wrong choices) as he undoubtedly has all the makings of a star. Should have done far better with the header too.

Agüero – the fact his first touch went out for a throw summed up the night. Did ok when he came on, offered far more movement and options than Jesus, but should perhaps have done better than put it straight down the throat of the keeper with his one good chance.

Mahrez – as I seem to say every time I see him at City, what was the point. Again I was left more confused by why we signed him. Game cried out for width, but then he proceeded to cut inside, slow play down and try and see how many crosses he could bend in from the edge of the area despite the box being packed. In the days of Džeko we could have had a few, but he needs to play with the team.

Overall the passing was poor, the play was lethargic and we were again undone by a classic pacy counter-attack. I still think we’ll win the group (not that I’m as concerned about CL as our owners/some) but there was definitely some cause for concern. Need a strong performance at the weekend (when we’ll no doubt be hacked all over) to get back to winning ways straight away.

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